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Antique/Collectible Insurance
Antique car insurance covers old collectible cars that are in good working condition or have been restored. This coverage is much like personal car insurance except it specifically caters to the extraordinary value of antique or collectible vehicles.
ATV SxS Insurance
A policy that protects your side by side or ATV is very similar to auto insurance however this policy is specifically tailored for off-road vehicles. You want to protect your own property as well as protect yourself if you should damage the property of someone else.
Auto Insurance

United Financial Center offers you proposals from multiple carriers so you can compare coverage versus cost. Auto insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company designed to protect you from financial loss. There are many factors to consider when choosing auto insurance. Our friendly staff will walk you through the selection process, step-by-step to keep car insurance shopping straightforward and simple.

Beyond personal auto insurance on daily drivers, we offer policies that cover antique, classic, high performance and sports cars.

Boat Insurance
Boat insurance is a coverage for your personal watercraft. Watercraft insurance protects your financial loss if you were to damage your boat.
Condo Insurance
A condo policy protects your property within your condo unit, typically beginning at the inside of the exterior stud walls. While the condo association typically has a master policy that covers the overall structure, each individual condo owner needs insurance to protect their unit. When purchasing a condo policy, you want to have sufficient insurance to cover losses of your personal property. To discuss the many different types of condo insurance, call and speak to one of our specialists to find the coverage that’s best for you.
Flood Insurance
Flood insurance covers damage to a building caused by water–specifically flooding. Flooding is not covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy, so if you are concerned about the possibility of flooding talk to us about a flood-specific policy.
Home Insurance
Your home is an important investment and bears protecting. Let our team help you with an insurance plan perfectly tailored to your needs. When looking for homeowner’s insurance you want a plan that not only protects your home and its contents, but one that protects you in case of someone being injured at your home. Homeowners insurance has a wide variety of options and coverages and among the many companies we represent, we’re certain to find a perfect match to your needs.
Motorcycle Insurance
We represent companies who offer a variety of coverages on your motorcycle. A great policy provides coverages for not only you and your bike but includes other drivers and riders.
Personal Umbrella Insurance
An umbrella insurance policy is a policy that provides you with extra liability coverage; extending the liability limits on your underlying policy. An umbrella policy helps protect you with extra coverage for injuries, property damage, and personal liability claims.
Renters Insurance
If you rent your home the property owner should have coverage on the house or structure. But for what you own inside the home, renter’s insurance is designed to cover any potential loss.
Seasonal / Secondary Home Insurance
A home typically occupied six months or less during the year is referred to as a seasonal or secondary home. Our office represents multiple companies that specialize in insuring seasonal or secondary homes.
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